• Goal-Setting Package for Entrepernuers

    Includes 1-Hour Consultation Assessment, Action Plan and 30 minute follow-up

  • Business Start-up Coaching

    Starting a business is hard. Together we will launch and scale your business with less stress and confusion using a personalized plan to go from ideation to implementation.

  • Product Development

    We use lean and agile methods to build a scalable product for startups that aim to minimize risks and maximize returns.

  • Masterclass - Establishing Your Legacy through Entrepenurship

    4 week course clarifying the misconception, developing your mindset, and exploring the topics surrounding starting your business, financing your business and scaling your business.

    Hosted by Legacy Solutions and Supreme Managed

  • Accountability Coaching

    Provide support, guidance and peer pressure that holds you accountable to take specific action to achieve their goals

  • Consulting Access Retainer

    This is for light coaching support, assuming approximately 2 hours of support per month.